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About us

We are a family law firm

About Us

A law office consisting of family members may seem like the art of the impossible at first sight.

However, the contrary is the case for us. Common professional years, absolute reliability, mutual understanding and work we enjoy create an excellent environment for an absolutely perfect performance in our office.

We are an effective team in which everyone is specialized in a particular area and, where appropriate, we deal with our clients´ assignments together. For more than 15 years we have been providing professionality and expertise, experience and reliability.

We are flexible, responsible, and interests of our clients are of the highest priority for us.

We provide services in the Slovak and English language, if required, we also provide cooperation with professional interpreters and translators in any other language. In order to protect the rights of our clients abroad, we also cooperate with foreign law and patent offices in the long term.

We cooperate with certificated bailiffs, notaries, courts of arbitration and auction companies.

In our work we use electronic communication (the guaranteed electronic signature), which makes the communication with courts and public administration bodies easier and faster, and saves costs for court and administrative fees for the clients.

We provide our clients with contract authorization directly by the attorney in our office, without the need of notarisation of signatures of participants of the legal act.


JUDr. KatarínaPatajová
JUDr. KatarínaPatajováattorney

Dr. Katarína Patajová is a founding attorney of the Patajová Pataj Law Office s.r.o. set up in April 2010.

After graduation at the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University Bratislava, she worked at Čechová Rakovský law office as junior associate. In 1998 -2001 she worked at the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, legal and legislative department.

She graduated from the special post-graduation study "European integration" at the Faculty of management, Comenius University Bratislava and special post-graduation study at the Institute of the Intellectual Property in 4 sections – Intellectual property law; Creativity – management, marketing; Information in the area of intellectual property; Industrial property law.

She speaks English fluently.

JUDr. Marian Pataj
JUDr. Marian Patajattorney

Dr. Marian Pataj is a founding attorney of the Patajová Pataj Law Office s.r.o. set up in April 2010.

After graduation at the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University Bratislava, he worked at Slovak Telecom, Central Slovakia headquarters. He also has the experience with the work at the bailiff office and the commercial law firm. 

He speaks English fluently.

ANDREA MINIAROVÁoffice manager

Andrea Miniarová has been in our team from the start of the office. Thanks to her responsible approach, reliability and consistency, members of our law office are able to provide our clients with professional services of the required quality and on time.

MGR. MICHAL MIKULAjunior associate

Mgr. Michal Mikula graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. He speaks English fluently and has been working in our office since June 2016.

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